4 Ways Dental Bridges Increase Functionality

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Losing your teeth can be a traumatic experience in many ways. You may not be able to speak as clearly as you like. Relying on dentures can end up putting you in some uncomfortable situations if they slip out of place at the wrong time. Dr. Sasha Bhor at Oasis Smiles helps patients seeking dental bridges in San Diego, CA get natural-looking results that last for a long time.

Dental bridges can help regain a lot of the functionality you lost along with your teeth. Here are some of the ways you might benefit from having Dr. Bhor perform work resolving common issues caused by losing your teeth. Why should you needlessly continue dealing with gaps in your smile or troublesome dentures?

1. Dental bridges allow you to eat more comfortably

The loss of certain teeth makes it difficult to continue eating foods we used to enjoy. Eating with dentures requires you to be careful in how you place food in your mouth. Biting down must be avoided to keep from damaging your structures. You’ll likely have to continue giving up old favorites to prevent damaging your dentures or having them slip out while eating.

Dr. Bhor specializes in placing permanent dental bridges in patients. This technique provides a lot more security when chewing and eating. You also don’t suffer the loss of taste and sensitivity that can happen with dentures.

2. Dental bridges prevent remaining teeth from shifting out of place

Losing your teeth has a more significant effect than just the cosmetic appearance of your smile. The remaining teeth in your mouth can start to shift out of place without the other tooth structures being in their proper place. That causes even more space to appear. All of this affects how you bite down and the way your mouth distributes pressure, which can lead to different issues.

Effects of shifting teeth

Dental bridges fill in the missing spaces in your mouth. Having them put in place keeps your teeth from moving around your mouth, preventing the development of the other issues outlined above.

3. Dental bridges keep your face from losing its shape

One of the unfortunate side effects of tooth loss is how it affects the look of your face. Your cheeks, mouth, and jawline can appear sunken in, making you look older than you are.

Adding dental bridges to fill in the missing teeth in your mouth stops this from happening. You provide additional support to your jaw, helping you avoid developing an aged, sunken look over time.

4. Dental bridges help you speak more clearly

We articulate certain sounds based on how our tongue presses against certain teeth. It becomes difficult, if not impossible, to form certain words clearly once they’re gone. Many people find themselves dreading the prospect of speaking in public because of this condition.

You can regain your ability to articulate your ideas out loud without fear of slurring your words by having dental bridges placed to replace your missing teeth. The structures can help you regain your previous confidence and not fear speaking up in social situations.

Are you looking for ways to deal with your current tooth loss? Dr. Bhor has been providing quality work placing dental bridges in San Diego, California, for many years. Make an appointment with Oasis Smiles today by calling (858) 240-9650 or connecting with us through our online portal.

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