Start the New Year With a Perfectly White Smile

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January is the month of making resolutions, and if you’re like most people, at least one of your resolutions has to do with improving your appearance — and improving your self-confidence in the bargain. Some resolutions are really difficult to stick to, but there’s one resolution you can make come true in just a few weeks or less. What is it? Getting a whiter, brighter smile. Having a beautiful smile doesn’t just make you feel more confident about your appearance — it makes other people see you in a more attractive light too.

At Oasis Smiles, we offer safe, effective whitening kits you can use at home, on your own schedule. And in just a couple of weeks, you can have the beautiful white smile you’re looking for.

Take-home teeth whitening kits

Our take-home whitening kits are custom made for every patient, and with regular use, you can start to see amazing results in just a few days. Getting that custom fit starts with an office visit to make impressions of your teeth. Those impressions are used to make your trays so they fit comfortably and achieve the best whitening results.

Once your trays are ready, you simply fill them with the special, professional-strength whitening solution and pop them in your mouth. The trays stay in place for a short time each evening while the solution gently penetrates the surface of each tooth, lifting away years of stains and dinginess so your smile looks beautiful and picture-perfect.

Professional take-home kits vs. drugstore kits

Yes, you can buy teeth whitening kits in the drugstore (and other stores too). And you can get some whitening effects from those kits. But before you plunk down your cash, you need to know why take-home kits from Oasis Smiles are a much better investment.

First, professional take-home kits use solutions that are stronger than the kits you can buy over the counter, so you can enjoy better results that last a lot longer. The solutions in the take-home kits offered by Dr. Bhor can get your teeth dramatically whiter, and since you’re in control, you can adjust your treatment to get just the amount of whitening you want. Plus, even though the solution is stronger than the solution used in the drugstore kits, it’s still safe and gentle on your teeth and gums.

Second, because your take-home kit uses a custom-molded tray that’s designed to fit your mouth, you can expect it to be a lot more comfortable than the one-size-fits-all kits you buy in stores. Those kits can slip and pinch, and because they don’t achieve a snug fit along the contours of your teeth, there’s a much greater risk of gum irritation, which means you’re much more likely to experience tooth sensitivity issues with an over-the-counter kit.

Plus, since the custom-molded trays are designed just for your teeth, they also ensure the tooth whitening solution stays in better contact with the surfaces of your teeth so your results are far superior and far more consistent than the results you’d get with an over-the-counter teeth bleaching kit. And, of course, since you get your kit from Dr. Bhor, you can always call the office if you have any questions about the treatment, which means you can feel confident your teeth whitening experience will be focused on your needs and your goals.

Pre-whitening checkup

There's one more benefit of using a professional take-home kit from Oasis Smiles. Before you begin treatment, Dr. Bhor can examine your teeth and gums to make sure they're healthy and ready for whitening. During your checkup, Dr. Bhor will look for issues like tiny cracks in the surfaces of your teeth that could increase the likelihood you'll experience sensitivity, providing treatment to seal those cracks prior to treatment. And she can help you learn a few simple "tricks" to keep your white smile looking its best in between whitening treatments.

Teeth whitening can correct most types of tooth stains, but stains in the interior of your teeth might need other treatments. During your pre-whitening evaluation, Dr. Bhor will examine your teeth to make sure you get the treatments you need for the best possible results.

Make 2019 the year of your beautiful smile. To learn how take-home whitening kits can make your teeth look whiter and brighter, book an appointment online today.

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