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Professional, Friendly, Affordable

"A one-stop shop with excellent staff, punctual service, and affordable options!"

- C. Baudaililer

Pharmacy Relations Manager (340B)

"I am extremely anxious when going to the dentist. However, Oasis Smiles made me both relaxed and comfortable. The dentist and her staff are kind and gentle and do their best to make your dental visit a positive experience. I would recommend this dental office to my friends and family."

- M. Scialpi

"Dr. Bhor and her staff make a trip to the dentist a wonderful experience."

- M. Stadille


"Doctor B and her staff were great. They explained all my options and the level of service I received was top rate."

- D. Porter

A First Visit Made Easy

"Dr. Bohr and her staff have many qualities. The three things I appreciate most from my first visit are 1. Sasha and her assistant were so caring and communicative that I was able to laugh once during my crowns procedure! This really took away my anxiety. 2. I was impressed at how quickly the visit went by. I really believe this was due to Dr. Bohr's great skills. 3. I really appreciate the high tech equipment and harmony created by outstanding teamwork in this office. Sasha and her staff have earned my highest recommendation."

- R. Jones

Nice Staff and Clean Office

"I had to change dentists due to the fact that I got a new insurance provider. Oasis brought me in and made my dental experience simple. They have top of the line equipment to do the job. The staff are very skilled at their jobs. Also the staff was very informative and upfront about the things I need and the price in which it would cost. I will definitely be a return customer and I would recommend them to anyone."

- C. Taylor


"Dr. Bhor and her great staff got me in and out quickly and yet did a thorough job with no shortcuts and a real dedication to perfection! Big Smile :)"

- L. Briscole

Oasis Smiles

"The staff was very friendly and professional. They gave a diagnosis of my teeth and recommendations for a future appointment for the new patient consultation. I was able to get an appointment that fit my schedule and that was really important for my busy work schedule."

- J. Ta

Best dental office!

"I would highly recommend this dental office. The office- brand new, clean, and modern. The staff- friendly, knowledgeable, and helped with my insurance issues. Dr. Bohr- seems very experienced and caring about her patients. After my procedure, she even called me at home just to see how I was doing."

- Anonymous

Great work so far!

"I've been going to Dr. Bhor for a short time, but both my teeth cleaning and follow-on dental work (an onlay) were done with no issues. I feel like my teeth are in good hands. The staff is very friendly and there are tvs in the ceiling (!!!!) to while away the time if you have the bad luck of needing your tooth drilled. At last, my quest for a dentist I trust is over!"

- J. Sanders

Wonderful to work with...

"Dr. Bhor has made my entire family at ease with the whole concept of dentistry. The office staff has been nothing but polite and receptive to our needs. Highly recommend Oasis Smiles..."

- C. Youngblood

So glad I tried Oasis Smiles!

"Truly an Oasis! I had tried several area Dentists and was very frustrated. Not one had the real skill and patience that Dr Bohr has in her work, or they seemed to simply see Dollar signs when they looked at you, and put on a heavy push for truly unneeded work. I've had my young daughter told she either needed a filling, or " didn't have a single cavity" by different dentists at the same time. I've had to re-do crowns for myself within a year that weren't properly done the first time. Thank goodness for Dr. Bohr and her wonderful staff. They always clearly explain all your options with no pressure, and don't stop until your satisfied. My smile is transformed literally and figuratively! : )"

- L. Briscole


"After putting off going to the dentist for a few years, I needed a new crown. My experience was amazing. Not only is Dr. Bhor gentle and wonderful at what she does, she is personable, and her staff is fantastic. I am thrilled I found them!! I'll be going back for more..."

- P. Dow

Modern and up-to-date Office! Great Staff!

"Had to acquire a new dentist due to insurance coverage change. Thanks to Oasis Dental I made a great choice. Staff was super friendly and The Doctor was very professional. Would highly recommend Oasis Dental to any of my friends."

- J. Chaves

Love this office!

"Provided me with accurate benefits quote, ensuring that I make the most of my plan! Such a friendly and clean office! I recommend to anyone who asks."

- Anonymous

Fantastic Experience!

"My appointment was easily made, and upon arrival I was made to feel completely at ease. I was led back quickly, and my x-rays completed. The dentist came shortly after, and while it wasn't the best of news, she made me feel confident of what needed to be done, complete with options. Amazingly enough I was scheduled for later that day, for an intense cleaning, cavity refills and new cavities.... I was put to sleep, and upon waking the entire job was complete. I came back the next morning for a quick 'bite adjustment', was seen pronto and left with the feeling I had found my dentist for life!!! This place is amazing - LOOK NO FURTHER!"

- D. Zwierzynski

Two Teeth (30 & 31) Crowns

"Excellent process for placing temporary crowns: concern for comfort, explanation of materials and procedure, on time, efficient. Warm, inviting staff, doctor. Continue to have questions regarding pricing; will clarify in next few days."

- D. Pienta

Amazing experience!

"I have been more than terrified of the dental office my whole life! My regular dentist wasn't available to see me so I made a last minute appointment to get in at oasis. Let me tell you that the people at this office are the kindest, warmest, and most gentle people I've ever met. They spent as much time as I needed to make sure I was completely comfortable and not in the least bit of pain! They also went as far as doing the entire top part of my mouth in terms of cavities, to which I had eight, in one visit! They took their time making sure I was okay and that everything was done appropriately. They even played games with my daughter and entertained her which was far beyond the call of duty, they are professionals but more than that they are mothers, friends, and sisters and treat each patient they see as if they are operating on their own family. I truly cannot say enough kind words about how amazing this team of professionals really are! Just love them to pieces! By far, best dental office ever!"

- A. Alteman

Always a great experience!

"Everytime I come in, I am always met with a great experience. The staff are friendly, happy, and always professional. Who would have ever thought I would actually look forward to going to the dentist!"

- J. Schneid

Oasis comes through again!

"Wow, Broke a front crown early Saturday morning (Panic) called Oasis Smiles and they had me come in immediately and in 15 minutes, I'm in the office getting checked-out X-rayed to be sure all is safe. Within an hour or so, I am smiling again. I was sure I'd be in hiding with pain and sensitivity until Monday at least, but as usual Oasis saves the day. All the staff was so kind and understanding and as always, all cost options are clearly explained upfront. This is my dentist for life!"

- L. Briscole

OMG! The Oasis team is the best!

"I didn't want to come in to have a deep cleaning! I put it off for 2 years! But after 4 hours of mother like care from the best DDS in the business! I love you guys! My teeth look and feel great!"

- E. Ruimy

Excellent service and professional staff!

"The staff at Oasis Smiles was excellent! They were very helpful, caring, and compassionate, and went above and beyond to ensure all my questions were answered and my concerns alleviated. Everything went smoothly, and I was in and out in no time."

- J. Friend

Bridge Replacement

"Went in to have a 3 tooth bridge replaced. Dr. Bohr determined that 1 tooth and possibly two teeth would need root canals (not unusual given length of time old bridge in place). Sent me for a consultation with an Endodontist. X-rays there gave clear evidence of need for root canals in both teeth before permanent bridge could be affixed. One root canal "down" and one to go. Excellent experience with referred practice, North County Endodontics, a Dr. "Z" as they call Dr. Pariso Zakizadeh. Incredibly, NO soreness after one tooth root-canalled! Back for second tooth to be [root]-canalled in two weeks and then back to Dr. Bohr (primary dentist) for permanent crown. (Stay tuned. More to come.)"

- D. Pienta

The best dentist and staff

"Dr. Bhor and her staff are outstanding! they are kind, knowledgeable, proficient and happy. They worry about their patients and treat you as special. It is a job to be cared for by them."

- R. Cortez

Another Great Experience

"I love this office! Amazing every time I go!"

- Anonymous


"I had a nice experience during my few visits that i have had. Always friendly staff and they think about their patients. The patient party was a nice touch as well."

- S. Potts

"I enjoyed the visit, the reception was great and I like the way I am shown my cost after insurance. The polish/floss part seemed like an inexperienced assistant using the tools. Dr. Bhor was great is usual."

- J. Wilbanks

"Everyone is so nice!!! [They] make you feel really comfortable and are great with kids too!! :)) Thank you!!!"

- C. Conklin

"Got my crown in one day!"

- J. Wilbanks

"I am so pleased to be reconnected with Dr. Bohr and her assistant, Lina. The feeling of being cared for by them is a huge improvement over my past experiences. Plus, she accepts my insurance!"

- P. Olson

"Since the first call we made to this office we have nothing but awesome experience, they have gone above and beyond in assisting and giving me the Dental care I need. I totally am referring friends and family."

- M. Alvarado

"On time; basic teeth cleaning; good-to-go for another 6 months. Thank you."

- D. Pienta

"Good. It was all fine."

- L. Froschheiser

"Great service, always."

- W. Kolar

"Everyone at Oasis is always very nice and caring to me and my whole family, including small children. They are professional and flexible in working out plans that work for you. We have most definitely found our family dentist!"

- J. Baca

"Dr. Bhor and her staff make a trip to the dentist a wonderful experience."

- M. Stadille

"My first time to visit Dr. Sasha Bohr and I was very impressed! Everyone at the RB facility was friendly, helpful and went out of their way to make sure I felt comfortable. Thank You!"

- K. Weber

"Dr. Bhor and her staff are really great! I had not been to a dentist in many years and am VERY uncomfortable going to the dentist. I broke a tooth which had become badly infected and needed a root canal. Dr. Bhor made sure that I was numb and was patient with me during the procedure(I have trouble breathing through my nose) , which to my delight was nearly totally pain free!!! I think Oasis has cured me of my fear of the dentist and I will ENJOY going there to significantly improve my dental health!"

- Anonymous

"Great service, like always!"

- W. Kolar

"You're all wonderful!"

- S. Clark

"Absolutely awesome! I love the office and all the ladies in the office.... Everyone is just so sweet and polite :)"

- T. Malhotra

"I am always happy with the service and care that i get when i have any need for the dentist. My son is 3 years old and he feels comfortable when he has had to go there."

- S. Potts

"Dr. Bhor and her staff are extremely friendly, helpful and professional and Dr. Bhor's services as a dentist were first-rate. She also treated my teenage daughter, and she had a great experience too. This is the best dentist's office I've ever been to!"

- D. Sohn

"Thank you soo much. We feel soo comfy and welcome in your place."

- D. Clark

"I am super fearful of mouth pain! At this office I feel like it is an afternoon with the girls ! Yes, we laugh!!! This is while facing possible root canal!! I do thank you (it feels close to the spa) dental-wise. The office is on top of their game the atmosphere is of respect Dr. B is a real person and San Diego is lucky to have her!"

- S. Andersen

"Excellent care & service. Lena is awesome!"

- G. Brouckeart

"I directed a friend and he was delighted about his experience. I went with him and Oasis cleaned my denture as a courtesy while I waited... They are the best!"

- B. Smith

"Great work!"

- L. Froschheiser

"Very friendly staff!!"

- M. Grijalva

"The bestest ever, Dr. Bohr could do anything she wants to my mouth as long as I get to watch the ceiling TV :)"

- D. Godsey

"I am so happy to have found a dentist where they are gentle and understanding of my long fear of the dentist. Everyone in the office was pleasant and caring of my needs."

- M. Grijalva

"I am so happy to have found a dentist where they are gentle and understanding of my long fear of the dentist. Everyone in the office was pleasant and caring of my needs."

- M. Grijalva

"Coming from someone who DOES NOT like going to the dentist, I like going to Oasis Smiles. The girls are very personal and comforting. Dr. Bohr has the hands of an angel. I have had some serious work done and I have yet to have any discomfort at all."

- D. Crawford

"It was painless! I have never had a dentist give me a painless injection before and somehow, Dr. Bhor was able to do just that! Now I will be able to get my husband in there!"

- J. Lackner

"Very nice facility. Excellent, courteous staff and competent dentist. Dr. Bhor listened attentively, very good bedside manners and was great with my father and daughter. She took her time and we did not feel rushed. She patiently explained and answered all our questions. I would definitely recommend this place for adults, and they are great with kids, too."

- Anonymous

"Great dentist!"

- Anonymous

"Pleasant staff. Makes a trip to the dentist as non stressful as one can be."

- D. Hood

"Had a wonderful visit with Dr. Bhor and her staff. They were very understanding about the difficult parking issues which made me late for my appointment. They were friendly and courteous and did a wonderful job with my deep cleaning. I opted for the laser treatment and, one day later, my gums are feeling better than ever. Thanks!"

- K. Beer

"Quick, friendly and efficient staff. The best dentist and most painless dentist appointment I've ever had, they really take their time to make sure each patient is comfortable!"

- C. Dorset

"Dr. Bhor is an excellent dentist that is concerned about what is best for her clients. I broke my front tooth on New Year's Eve and she came in to take care of it on her off time. I think most Dentist would say call me back in 2 days. Since that time we have made a plan to fix the broken tooth. she went over all options to consider and good and bad points about each option. I would recommend her any time and will continue to come back. Her staff is also very attentive and knowledgeable."

- J. Wilbanks

"The doctor gave a detailed explanation of my current dental situation and what should be done in order to correct problem areas."

- L. Daily

"Everything was excellent!"

- G. Taylor

"Oasis Smiles is the best dental office, I've been, so far. Dr. Bhor is competent, skillful, and has the gentlest hands ever. Even very serious procedures end up with minimum pain and discomfort. Her staff are courteous and caring. I'd highly recommend Oasis Smiles."

- P. Brodovsky

"Everyone here is so helpful and kind!"

- R. Sehgal

"Excellent service and your staff is very friendly. Very nice ladies. Thank you!"
- Anonymous

"Hey, Team Oasis, you know I love ya!! Doc Sasha, as painless as could be expected and the tooth is working just fine!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!"

- B. Smith

"I will admit I don't go to the dentist as often as I should but with staff like this, the experience and professional treatment I get at Oasis Smiles I will definitely be back more often."

- J. Schneid

"I really felt comfortable and a time I was feeling vulnerable. I am anxious to get the notes, treatment plan and cost back. Thanks for time and making me smile during a hard time!"

- S. Gillespie

"Everyone was so friendly and helpful - and I didn't have to make multiple visits to get my teeth cleaned, what a treat!"

- M. Connolly

"Great work!"

- Anonymous

"I had another amazing experience at Oasis Smiles ! From the moment that you walk in the doors you are greeting with warm, inviting smiles! I have been in to see Dr. Bohr quite a few times now (as I am going through rehabilitation for my TMJ ) ; and each and every time has been a positive experience. Dr. Bohr is extremely gentle and has made me feel at ease every time I have seen her. Dr. Bohr makes you feel as though you are her only patient, as she takes her time and truly cares about whatever it is that you are being seen for. I have been in for cleanings, fillings, TMJ "TENS" sessions and with each appointment she took her time and made sure that I was satisfied, comfortable with the work that was being done. She is extremely knowledgeable and always willing to answer any questions and concerns. I am very thankful that I was referred to Dr. Bohr, as I have had a fear of going to the dentist for over 10 years , and she has helped me to get over that fear and I am now able to work on rehabilitating my TMJ problem. I would recommend Dr. Bohr to any and everyone. ! I can guarantee you will have a very positive experience ! Her staff is, as well, wonderful ! Very pleasant and always smiling and upbeat ! Jessica and Lena are two of the Assistants that have helped with things I have been in for, and I can not say enough positive things about them ! Dr. Bohr and her staff truly care about solving your dental issues and getting your teeth to where they need to be for comfort and health ! :-) I can truly say that I love my dentist ! :-)"

- K. French

"Everyone at Oasis Smiles is fantastic. They were professional, courteous, friendly and helpful. I feel better about going to the dentist than I have in a long time!"

- Anonymous

"Very professional and informative."

- A. McComb

"This was an extremely enjoyable experience. I needed to have three wIsdom teeth pulled and I had had one pulled prior at another dentist. The last time at the other dentist was horrible and painful. This time they sedated me because I was nervous and I did not feel a thing. I had a little pain after as expected but the dr gave me the appropriate pain pills and I am feeling good. The staff there are wonderful, attentive, and caring. I plan on having them as my family's primary dental office from now on."

- S. Flores

"I left a message Sunday night stating I was in pain and got a call first thing Monday morning and they fit me in immediately. Everyone is always super friendly and they create a very comfortable environment. Best dental office I've ever been a patient at."

- Anonymous

"My experience was handled with friendliness and kindness. The Doctor & staff explained the services needed very well. They made me feel welcome and comfortable. My only complaint is that $6588.00 for one tooth. Is a lot of money for a low income wage earner. The lab costs are the highest. I know the cost of time and technology should be compensated. I just feel that amount is excessive. Thank you for your time."

- R. Stacy

"Great experience. Staff was very accommodating during my wait!"

- Anonymous

"I absolutely had the best experience. The Oasis Smiles team members put me at ease right away with their caring attitudes I would recommend Oasis Smiles to all my friends and familia. Yvonne did a great job in helping me get the best finance available."

- A. Campa

"I had the BEST experience! I got one tooth pulled. It has been seven days since my visit. I have had no pain at all. I did not even buy the pain medicine. I took only three does of the motrin that was it. Dr. Bhor is the BEST dentist ever. Thank you to all of the office staff: Jessica, Lina, Richard, and Yvonne who I met for the first time on this visit. And a special thank you to Dr. Bhor for her skill and knowledge and above all her caring interest in me as a person/ patient. I am looking forward to my next visit. Robert Stacy."

- R. Stacy

"Love all the staff at Oasis Smiles, so good with my kids! :))"

- A. Conklin

"As always, Oasis made the experience painless and even pleasant."

- D. Abercrombie

Review of visit on Aug. 16, 2011

"Dr. Bhor was very patient and very in-tune, to confirm that I was comfortable and not in any pain during the tooth treatment. Thank you."

- D. Nareshni

"This is a very up-to-date, current dental office with an outstanding staff. I have enjoyed having my dental care at Oasis Smiles better than my last 2 dentists. I would refer to Dr. Bhor anytime to anyone."

- M. Wilbanks

"Oasis Smiles is the BEST!! The staff is very caring and attentive to your needs. Dr. Bhor really cares for her patients individually. I have called after hours for emergency reasons and Dr. Bhor has called me personally and addressed my problem. Thank you, Dr. Bhor, Anne & Alex!"

- A. Berner

"It is great to have a nice dentist who is very friendly and knowledgeable of what she is doing. Oasis Smiles's facility is very nice, high tech equipment, and of course good and friendly staff. Thanks Dr. Bhor!"

- L. Appollonio

"Fantastic service, friendly staff, nice clean ambience. She is very honest about her treatment recommendations. My whole family sees her. I highly recommend Dr. Bhor and her staff."

- D. Nayak


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