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If the thought of visiting the dentist makes you nervous, sedation dentistry can help you feel comfortable and relaxed during any procedure. Dr. Sasha Bhor of Oasis Smiles in Rancho Bernardo, San Diego, CA is fully certified in administering sedative medications, from laughing gas to general anesthesia. Committed to your comfort, we provide stress-free, high-quality oral care.

Sedation Dentistry Q & A

What is sedation dentistry?

During your sedation dentistry session, Dr. Bhor uses medication to help you feel relaxed and anxiety-free during your dental treatment.

Whether you only need a “little something to take the edge off” while Dr. Bhor fills a cavity, or you require deep sedation during oral surgery, she offers a range of options.

Do I need sedation dentistry?

For some people, the fear associated with dental treatments is so overwhelming that they put off vitally-needed exams and procedures. Others have acutely sensitive teeth and gums. Whatever the cause of your anxiety, sedation dentistry can help.

What kinds of sedation dentistry are available to me?

At Oasis Smiles, Dr. Bhor uses four different types of sedation. During your consultation, she will help you select the medication best suited for you.

Minimal Sedation

Keeps you awake but completely relaxed throughout the procedure. Medicines like laughing gas and Halcion, an oral sedative, are often used.

Moderate Sedation

Takes you to a deeper level of relaxation. Some substances cause you to slur words or quickly forget the procedure when it’s over.

Deep Sedation 

Induces a light sleep from which you are easily roused.

Except for general anesthesia, sedation medications don’t block pain. So, in addition to the sedative, Dr. Bhor will keep you pain-free with a local anesthetic like Novocaine.

What are the risks of sedation dentistry?

Before your procedure, Dr. Bhor reviews your medical history and reviews any medications you are taking. Depending on your needs, age, and health, she will select the most appropriate form and dosage of sedation.

While all medications have the potential for side effects, the drugs we use at Oasis Smiles are fully certified by the American Dental Association for use in outpatient settings. During your consultation, Dr. Bhor will outline all the benefits and risks of your medication, helping you make an informed decision.

Don’t let fear and anxieties prevent you from getting the oral care you need. Schedule a consultation at Oasis Smiles, and Dr. Bhor will show you how sedation dentistry can ease your worries as we brighten your smile.